My name is Giuliano
and I am a designer.

Lately im keeping myself busy learning lenguages, engineering operative methods and developing cutting edge visual environments for consolidate brands as well as for fresh start-up!

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Delivering thoughtful design solution for modern ideas, services and environments

A collection of my favourite shots.


Giuliano Gangemi

My name is Giuliano Gangemi.

I was born in Naples, in the south of Italy and raised on the north, near Garda Lake. Understanding the mechanics behind the logic and engineering processes is a key part of my research.

Blend equated knowledge with cutting edge creative thinking is one of the greatest satisfactions.


Art Direction

Web Design

Front End Dev

Print Advertisment

Social Media Services

3D Modeling

Keeping clients happy

Finding fast and reliable solutions

Getting sleep

In the last few years my main focus has been reserching for shared communicative assets and apply them to meaningful brand identity, while crafting media-proof user experiences.

Successful projects come from developing great understanding from the start. I'm good at listening and take time to fully grasp my client’s personality and objectives.

Taking time on what you love is the ultimate accomplishment in life.

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I started to look for surreal visuals and typographic compositions that adhere perfectly to the grid. My designs are made up of positive and negative spaces, that in combination, leads to a noise-free scanning and communication balance.